Randal Breaux, MBA, CEPA
Family Business Consultant & Project Leader

  • WHAT I DO: I help family business owners build enduring companies that are worth a lot of money - the foundation for the greatest families in American history.
  • Great family businesses don't happen by accident. Over 80% of strong family businesses end in liquidation. I help business owners beat those odds and thrive. 
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • WHY IT WORKS: Family business planning isn’t just about business. It integrates an owner’s personal financial and family goals as well. I work with owners, company leaders, family members, business advisors and life coaches to develop comprehensive solutions that achieve monetary, family and life goals.
  • My projects are based on proven, field-tested methods, including Engineering Organizational Change (EOC) – developed by Dutch Holland, PhD, a world-renowned expert in managing change in business organizations; and the Value Acceleration Methodology – developed by the Exit Planning Institute – one of the world’s most prestigious family business planning professional organizations.  
  • WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I guarantee my work. When you partner with me, you know that things will get done. Plans will be executed. Visions will become reality. 
  • Plus, I’ve been part of a family business, and I understand what that means – the hard work, the pressure, and the rewards. I have experienced first-hand what happens when small businesses are forced to liquidate because of poor planning (it’s heart-breaking!). This commonality gives me a personal connection to the work that I think clients appreciate.
  • HOW IT WORKS: First, we schedule a complimentary 60-minute Strategy Session to discuss your goals and challenges. This is NOT a sales pitch. It’s a powerful opportunity to explore what is impacting your business and your life – with a high-level assessment of your current situation, my professional recommendation for next steps, and my honest opinion as to whether it makes sense to engage us. Since my work is guaranteed, I need to know that we can be successful together before agreeing to move forward.
  • WHAT'S FREE: We provide a lot of education and do-it-yourself tools for business value enhancement and strategy development – including business value estimation tools, business attractiveness and transition readiness assessments, and a whole lot more in our Business Owners Toolkit. It’s a good place to start. 
  • READY TO TALK? Reach out to me on LinkedIn or using the contact information below...
Randal Breaux has over twenty-five years experience in business consulting with organizations large and small in a wide variety of industries from all across the United States and Canada. He specializes in creating business value through change implementation, and he brings a rare practical perspective with his field-tested principles of "achieving more by doing less."
Mr. Breaux earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University in Computer Science / Operations Research and has an MBA from Tulane. He is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) through the Exit Planning Institute.

He grew up in a family business and could run a forklift with the best of them long before he was old enough to drive a car. He lives in Prescott, AZ, with his wife and two bad dogs.
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